Use one Skype account across all your devices…

Skype on TV – stay in touch from the comfort of your sofa*

Get all the family together on your big screen – no matter what device they’re using Skype on.

See more with a wide-angle, HD view** – no more crowding around the computer.

Share life’s special moments and have regular catch-ups with friends and family.

Put Skype in your living room

I have a Skype-ready smart TV — what else do I need?

  • A TV camera – either built into your smart TV or a compatible camera for your TV bought separately.

  • An internet connection – broadband for best quality video and voice calls.

  • A Skype account – you can set one up for free.

Got a Samsung Smart TV?

Get the latest version of Skype on your Samsung Smart TV† and bring everyone together on a free group video call, no matter where they are. For one to one conversations with a friend, catch up over a 1080p HD video call.

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Is my smart TV Skype-ready?

First, check to see if you can install Skype via your TV’s app store. Or, view a list of Skype-ready smart TVs and compatible TV cameras.

What if Skype isn’t on my TV?

Simply choose an all-in-one TV camera – it includes the Skype app – and add a broadband internet connection plus a Skype account to use Skype on your current TV.

* Advanced hardware and broadband internet required.

** For 720p video calls, all users must have compatible HD displays, web cams, the latest version of Skype and broadband internet.

† Only available on Samsung Smart TVs 2014 models with integrated camera. A system update may be required in order to access some features. Group video calling is currently limited to three participants.