Stay up to date on your interests, world news and topics you want to discuss with your friends!

14/12/2022 | Skype Blogs | Modern Skype engagement

Have you been talking with your friends about the World Cup? How about the latest news from the tech world? Or maybe new recipes to cook this weekend? There is so much to keep up with, but we have you covered with your personalized Today tab.

The potential of the Today tab is incredible! Jump right in by chosing some interests and get the latest news in the form of stories. Briefly catch up by tapping through the latests articles, and if you find something you like, swipe up to read more!

What’s even better - share it with your friends with a single tap! What better way to tell them you’re thinking of them! Sharing is caring at the end of the day.

Looking for a new destination to visit over the holidays? Try following “Travel“.

Have a favorite team and want to get the latest scores and gossip? Search and follow them to get up to date reports that are easy to share. Interested in buying some stocks or investing in an ETF? Follow “investing“ to get some tips!

The Today tab is uniquely you, so no matter what you care about, we have you covered! The possibilities really are endless with the Today tab and sharing is only a tap a way to bring the latest cool update to your friends, family, group chats, and work chats alike!

If you need some help with the Today tab, go check out our support page!

And if you want to be the first to have all the great updates - become an Insider and be the one to have an early access to our newest features! Just like this exciting one!

Note: We are releasing the Today tab over period of time on Android and iOS.