Skype's Send Money Terms

By using the send and receive money feature (if available), you acknowledge that Skype uses third parties to provide payment services and affect transfers. Skype does not provide payment services or affect transfers and is not a money services business. Sending and receiving money on Skype may only be available to users who are 18 years old and over, or in accordance with the third parties terms, and who register and are approved for an account with the third party. In order to use the send money feature, you may be required to sign up to the third parties’ terms and conditions and to provide permissions to share data with these third parties for the purposes of providing the service. If Skype receives notice that your use of the send money feature violates a third party’s terms and conditions, Skype may have to take action against your account, such as cancelling or suspending your account. Skype, or Microsoft, will not be liable for payment services provided by third parties or any actions taken under the third party’s terms and conditions. Skype makes no guarantees, representations or warranties that the send and receive money feature will be available or continue to be available.