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Helping to seamlessly integrate incoming Skype calls into your podcasts, vlogs and livestreams at the flick of a switch.

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Easily integrate Skype calls into your content

From a one-on-one audio call up to a four-person group video— now all incoming calls are available for you to build your own content by integrating Skype calls.

How to make your incoming Skype calls available in 3rd party apps

  1. Before your Skype call, tap or click for Settings
  2. Select Calling then Advanced
  3. You will see “Allow NDI® Usage” turn the toggle on. (A banner will appear in your call letting everyone that you are potentially broadcasting or recording the call via NDI).

Any calls made at this point will show up as a source within your local network remember to turn the setting off when you do not wish to capture calls.

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Any NDI® enabled hardware or software can now receive incoming Skype calls

Once you open the NDI-enabled software, and search for a NDI input you will see the Skype ID of the incoming caller represented as a feed. This process will differ depending on your software package of choice.

For more technical details read this FAQ article or get additional support at We would love to see the content you have created with this feature. Don't hesitate to e-mail us!


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