Skype Number

Your own number that anyone can call from their phone and you pick up on Skype wherever you are in the world.

How it works

Step 1

Choose what country people will call you from.

Step 2

Select your Skype Number from a variety of area codes.

Step 3

Share it with family, friends and clients so they can call you on Skype from their phone.

Why Skype Numbers are great

Moving or travelling

Your Skype Number will always be the same so people back home can keep in touch at low rates.

Great for business

Skype Numbers can give you a global presence and allow customers and clients to avoid high international rates when calling you.

Get the best experience

When you’re not signed in to Skype, you can set up call forwarding so you can pick up calls to your Skype Number on any phone.

Get a Skype Number from just $5* per month

Got a subscription? Get up to 50%† off your Skype Number.

Get a Skype Number

† 50% off when you opt for a 12-month Skype Number.
*  $5 when you opt for a 12-month Skype Number.

Skype Numbers are available in selected countries/regions.