Call up to 100 people at once — big groups are more fun than ever with Skype’s new features

19/03/2021 | Skype Blogs | 100 participants & Large Grid

With Skype’s just-launched new features, it’s easier than ever to stay connected to family, friends, and colleagues (not to mention all your appointments, lessons, and classes) and now we’ve doubled the number of people that can be on a video call simultaneously.

Now, whether you’re hosting a family reunion, a company-wide meeting, or a happy hour with 99 of your closest friends, it couldn’t be simpler to get up to 100 users in the same place.

Call for as long as you like — up to 24 hours for those marathon gab sessions — as often as you like. Even users without an account can invite up to 99 people to a call with one link using the Meet Now feature

100 participant on call and Large grid

Plus, our new Large Grid view takes digital bonding to the next level: Skype like you’ve never Skyped before with this game-changing new perspective that shows video for up to 49 participants on-screen simultaneously.

With Large Grid view, a whole new world of possibilities for interacting on-screen with big groups opens up. Imagine your next yoga class, jewelry-making workshop, cooking class, or group oil painting lesson with the ability to see what every participant is up to. No more scrolling through video feeds to make sure everyone’s downward dog is on point — Large Grid lets you keep a watchful eye on every user’s progress at the same time.

Weddings from afar feel a whole lot more intimate when guests can see there’s not a dry eye on the call, thanks to Large Grid view. And in combination with our new up-to-100-users feature, there’s no need to cull that guest list after all.

Large Grid view and audio calls for up to 100 participants are available now on the latest version of Skype.

Got questions about group calls or Large Grid view? Check out our support article to get the full scoop, and keep an eye out for more fun new Skype features to help you stay connected.

How to enable Large Grid in Skype desktop app