Let's unite on Skype this International Women’s Day

05/03/2021 | Skype Blogs | International Women's Day

Women around the world will be standing together (albeit virtually for some of us) to celebrate the 110th International Women’s day on March 8th. But why is this day so important?

#IWD2021 reminds us to stand together, celebrate women's achievements and keep striving for gender equality. It’s a day to champion inspiring women around the world. After a challenging year, the theme of this year's International Women’s Day, ‘Choose to Challenge’ couldn’t be more fitting. In the continued fight for gender parity, International Women’s Day invites us all to challenge bias and inequality to collectively build an inclusive world.

It’s quite extraordinary to think that although women around the world have been fighting for equality for over a century, in 2021 not one country can claim to have fully succeeded. So, on March 8th, let’s stand together to keep pushing for positive change!

We connected with three of our female colleagues in Skype to find out a bit about their personal journey, what inspires them and what challenges them.

Ramya, Skype Engineer


Hi, I’m Sophia and I joined Microsoft almost 3 years ago as a Software Engineer for Skype. I was the first Georgian female engineer to be hired in the Microsoft Prague office. I’m endlessly inspired by languages – I speak six of them: Georgian, Megrelian, English, French, Russian and Czech. I'm challenged by time management. The fact that our biggest resource, 'time', is limited and linear is sometimes overwhelming. Since the moment I perceived this limitation, I started to value every second and try to find the perfect work-life balance accustomed to me.

Ramya, Skype Engineer


Hi, I’m Diana and I joined Microsoft almost two years ago as a Content Manager for Skype. I’ve also been pursuing a master’s degree at Charles University and I've been lucky enough to move to South Korea for my studies and work remotely, something we're all more used to now. I’m inspired by the enthusiasm of the people around me and I’m challenged by my thirst for knowledge. There aren’t enough hours in the day to quench my curiosity and work on projects I love but I try to approach each week with a fresh topic so I can learn something new and grow.

Ramya, Skype Engineer


Hi, I’m Marj and I’m a Finance Manager for Skype. I actually started my career in the world of fashion and retail, styling customers and helping to make custom pieces before finding my way here. Quite simply, my family is my true inspiration. Every time I get anxious about doing something out of my comfort zone, I remember all the challenges my family overcame for me to be here now. I let their example guide and inspire me. The pandemic has challenged all of us to think about the business in a different way.

Connecting with the important women in our lives has been tough this year. Skype can help make that easier with a single Meet Now link for free on any device. It’s one great way for us to keep in touch with your favourite people from your mom, sister or close friends to co-workers, mentors, and more.


International Women's Day on Skype with Skype employees