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Skype and Space Jam: A New Legacy team up to make your next video call a slam dunk ​

28/06/2021 | Skype Blogs | Space Jam: A New Legacy

Image showing SpaceJam emoticons

Skype and Space Jam: A New Legacy team up to make your next video call a slam dunk ​

28/06/2021 | Skype Blogs | Space Jam: A New Legacy

We’re teaming up with the all-new live-action/animation film Space Jam: A New Legacy to make your next video call a total blast. As part of an epic partnership between Microsoft and Warner Bros., Skype is rolling out Animated Emoticons, Animated Backgrounds, and Super Reactions featuring basketball champion and global icon LeBron James and the classic Looney Tunes line-up of characters — and you won’t find these exciting video call and messaging features anywhere else.

SpaceJam LeBron James     Space Jam Lola     Space Jam granny     SpaceJam Mouse

We’ve expanded our emoticon collection to include a talented roster of 7 new characters: Express shock with a jaw-dropping Daffy Duck, celebrate with Speedy Gonzales, or say, “What’s up Doc?” with Bugs Bunny. Tell a friend “I’ve got this!” with confident Lola Bunny, show strength with Granny in a ninja pose, use Tweety to show surprise, or express that you’re ready for a challenge with LeBron James flying through the air. Whatever your emotion, give our new emoticon collection a shot on your next Skype call or chat.

Super reaction of LeBron in Skype

Ever wish all your video calls could be a slam dunk? We’re making it happen! With our newest Super Reaction, LeBron James leaps across your screen, triggering an epic explosion of thumbs-up emoticons. Try it out next time you want to send a friend, family member, or colleague a sign of approval on a video call and watch their eyes light up. (LeBron’s our starting line-up but keep an eye out for more themed Super Reactions landing soon.)

SpaceJam Tweety     Space Daffy     


Download Skype and it give it a try!

Space Jam background replace in Skype

And if you’re looking to take your next Skype call truly to new heights, try out our 10 new limited-time-only Space Jam: A New Legacy themed backgrounds with the Background Replace feature. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic Tunes World setting, want to have your next meeting inside Marvin Martian’s spaceship, or just want to hang out with Bugs and LeBron on the court, there’s an option for you. And for an extra dose of fun on your video call, we’re even adding 7 totally new animated backgrounds with rolling clouds, rising smoke and more — available starting July 6.​

Space Jam background replace in Skype and LeBron as animated background

But hurry, the clock is running down - this all-star team of fun new options for your Skype calls won’t be here forever (only through August 31, to be exact), so get in the game!

And don’t forget to see Space Jam: A New Legacy only in cinemas. #SpaceJamMovie

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