Gif showing James and Naya on their wedding day having fun.

How Skype became the link between two college sweethearts

25/10/2021 | Skype Blogs | Skype wedding


As newlyweds James and Naya discovered, when you can’t physically be together, connecting via Skype is the next best thing.

“The Skype calling tune is something that brings joy every time I hear it,” James says, “because it brings me back to days when I would hear those sounds and run to my computer to see Naya.”

After nurturing their relationship with endless hours of video calls, the two long-distance love birds were married in Phoenix, Arizona in early October. The couple were wed in a traditional Nigerian ceremony called the Igbankwu, paying homage to Naya’s heritage as part of Nigeria’s Igbo tribe — and live-streaming their wedding (over Skype, of course) for hundreds of wedding guests on the other side of the world.

As the happy couple tells it, their story began in 2015 when they met as students at Arizona State. Naya’s sorority sister asked her to show her cousin, James, around campus in preparation for his first spring semester, but their first meeting didn’t exactly go as planned.

After driving to the wrong apartment building, James was late meeting Naya for his campus tour — but as he explains, all was forgiven when he finally showed up: “He looked much better than in pictures,” she says.

James’s take on the story is, well, a bit more dramatic: “Once we locked eyes, all was forgiven and we haven’t been able to take our eyes off each other since,” he adds.

Picture of James and Naya.

Two years into their relationship, Naya moved to San Francisco for dental school and the duo suddenly found themselves locked in a long-distance romance that would end up stretching on for six long years

They quickly settled on Skype as the best way to stay connected: “We did everything together on Skype,” Naya says. “We watched movies and tv shows, syncing them together so we would start and stop at the same time. We would talk about our days, we would cook, we would study together. We would shop together using screen sharing, and we would even fall asleep together over Skype.”

Picture of James and Naya.

At the couples’ peak of usage, they’d hang out together on Skype for nearly the entire weekend, chatting, laughing, or simply enjoying each other’s presence while they studied or slept.

“Skype helped us be with each other in a more focused way than just a phone call,” James explains. “It’s very easy to get distracted during a phone call because it becomes just a voice in your ear. Skype was a necessity for the success of our relationship.”

The newlyweds are thrilled to begin their life together without the necessity for all those video calls, but they say they’re grateful for the role Skype played in nurturing their relationship. “In times of uncertainty, applications like Skype are essential when you are apart from those you care about the most,” Naya says.

James and Naya after saying I do at their wedding.

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Check out this video chronicling James and Naya’s long-distance romance and their Skype wedding: 

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