With Skype, staying connected to your fellow humans has never been easier — or more important

18/10/2021 | Skype Blogs | Stay connected

Over the past 18 months, our world has changed in unpredictable and unexpected ways — but what hasn’t changed is our human need for connection. As citizens of the world were faced with the question of how to navigate these challenging times, they looked to technology to find inventive ways to stay connected.

Life has a habit of slipping through your fingers. In our busy modern world, it’s only natural: We’ve got careers to focus on, households to run, and families to take care of. But as our world has faced unprecedented challenges over the past 18 months, taking time to seek out deep human connection has never been more important. And thanks to Skype, it’s also never been easier.

With face-to-face interaction no longer a viable option, people across the globe have discovered innovative ways to preserve the connections that matter most via Skype.

Like Andrea, a teacher in New Orleans who went through a pregnancy during the pandemic. With Skype, Andrea was able to attend faculty meetings and other events that could have presented a risk to her unborn child — and with her elderly parents a 20-hour drive away, she was able to share irreplaceable moments of her baby’s first days with them via video call. “Skype allowed me to stay connected to my life professionally and personally during this extraordinary (and yet universal) experience,” Andrea says.

Kid and grandparent on Skype call.

And like Ashaita in Mumbai, who owns Cafe Arpan, a restaurant that employs adults with developmental disabilities like autism and Down syndrome. When she was forced to shutter the cafe during the pandemic, Ashaita quickly turned to Skype to keep her kitchen staff involved and inspired when they couldn’t be together in person. She organized video calls with her staff to train them on making new dishes and stay connected, forging even stronger bonds during an unprecedented time.

Ashaita, owner of cafe Arpan, is on a Skype call with her employees.

Like Fernando in Madrid, a speech therapist who works with actors, singers, and people with vocal pathologies. When the pandemic hit, Fernando was forced to close the clinic — but he knew his patients’ treatments had to continue if they were to recover. Determined to keep healing people, Fernando turned to Skype, devising a studio setup in his home so he could connect with his patients via video call.

Fernando and his client on a Skype call therapy session

Because the truth is, events, experiences, ideas and feelings stick with you if you share them in the moment. When you open up to now, people open up, opportunities open up — and, like a ripple effect, the world opens up too. Relationships become stronger and life has more meaning. It becomes more rewarding, more enriching, and more fulfilling. You make a difference.

When you open up, the world does too. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, whatever is happening, you play a part of a bigger story. And with Skype, creating more of those moments you can’t replace becomes accessible even during life’s most challenging times — and even when you’re miles apart.