Want to be the hero on your next call? 🦸

12/01/2022 | Skype Blogs | Background replace

Have you been using your background replace image for such a long time that you cannot even stand looking at it but everything else is just boring or not to your taste? That's why Skype is determined to bring you the best of both worlds – a beautiful background and excitement on every call! Our partnership with Bing couldn't turn out better. 

We'll surprise you every day with a new, high-quality Bing background replace image to give you the best experience on your call. On top of that, if you're curious about the image you can dive in to investigation work 🕵️‍♀️ – and everyone else's on the call, by clicking on the Bing logo in the upper left corner of you video stream. We'll conveniently open a side panel in your call so you can follow your call and check all the Bing images in the call.

Laptop with Skype call and all participants have bing background turned on.

Skype your family or friends, turn this fun feature on and create a selection of beautiful backgrounds. Why not compete who has the best one? Make it an exciting Skype call for all!
Skype call is running and user has opened video settings to see Bing Background option.

But be careful not to end up in an endless loop of looking up images... 😎 Or you know what, go for it. We've been there, done that and it's so much fun! Here at Skype, we are having fun on all of our calls.​

Skype call and Light theme on and a description where they can open more information about Bing Background and where to turn it on.

Be sure to introduce Super Reactions, Background replace or Together mode to your family and friends! You'll be the hero 🦸 of your calls so don't forget to check out Bing Wallpaper app to bring color and fun to your everyday life as well!