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14/12/2022 | Skype Blogs | Modern Skype

Well hello there…

We’ve redesigned the Skype experience to be more delightful and fun. From the loading experience when you open Skype, to the first steps that get you going in the app, we have updated the entire product experience with fresh illustrations, animated emoticons, new performance improvements, and reliability + bug fixes. We are even bringing back some of the clouds from the good old days! The new experience should feel very familiar and at the same time fresh and modern.

Super reaction of LeBron in Skype

Beautiful new themes and header colors

The theme colors have been updated from last year’s release and we’ve added additional color options so you can choose your very own favorite color on light and dark theme for Skype. These beautiful new vibrant colors can now be seen more prominently throughout the product.

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In addition, the Skype experience is now even more accessible to everyone with updated accessibility color themes.

A new mobile Skype calling experience

You can use Skype to get together and have video calls with up to 100 people for up to 24 hours every day, all day. Pretty amazing! Last year we shipped a beautiful new desktop and web Skype calling experience. Now we are ready to bring you a completely new and improved mobile calling stage so you can have the best mobile video calling experience.

As a first step, we have made sure that the mobile experience matches current, and gorgeous, desktop call stage. You will now be able to enjoy the light theme as well as lovely backgrounds for participants without video. We also made a few technical improvements to improve stability and performance of any video call. But this is only the first milestone of our plan in this exciting area!

In near future - read Insiders -, it will be much easier to have all the controls and actions you need during a video call on your mobile phone right at your fingertips. The video will scale seamlessly, no matter how many of your friends and family members are in the call. And with a single tap you will enjoy the video call's full screen and conveniently hide all the call controls to enjoy the call itself. Once you try it, you will fall in love with it and going back to anything else will be impossible!


Read and share personalized articles and news, no subscription required

Introducing the ‘Today’ tab on Skype… where we seamlessly integrate personalized articles and news stories from trusted sources all over the world for you to read and share right inside of Skype. And the best part is, you do not need a subscription for any of it!

You can personalize the stories selected for you by picking your interests. Quickly swipe through headlines of stories for the various topics you are most interested in. And share articles with your friends and family directly on Skype or through text, email or other apps.

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Overcome language barriers by translating your Skype call in real-time, as you talk.

You can now easily communicate with anyone in any language on a Skype to Skype call. Skype can automatically detect different languages and start audio and text translation for you and the others on the call on demand.

To make this experience even more magical, we are announcing the Real-Time Translation feature, which can make the audio translation in the other language sound like your very own voice. A truly incredible and practical use of artificial intelligence technology.

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Share your profile with 1 quick tap

If you ever had troubles with sharing your profile or finding your friends worry no more. We have redesigned the experience to bring it closer to you and make it much more easier to share your profile and find other people. Because communication is at the heart of our product.



Tap on your profile and you'll see QR code icon to the right of your name. Tap the icon and welcome to the new experience of sharing your profile with others. Hold it up for people to scan, share it over email or message. And scan others' QR codes right from there! As easy as that.

And we have one more surprise for you! Do you want to know? … tap on your QR code to find out! We love making people excited about the little things.


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