From text to Emotion : Skype Tone Selection Feature

2/5/2024 | Skype Blogs | Skype Tone Selection

Communication has evolved tremendously over the years, from handwritten letters to instant messaging and video calls. However, one challenge has remained contant: conveying the right tone and intent through text-based messages. Misunderstandings, misinterpretations, and unintended offense have all been common pitfalls of digital communication. 

Say hello to Skype's new feature, the "Tone Selection", which is arriving to aid us from this pitfall, allowing us to choose the perfect tone for every message. In this blog post, we'll explore how this innovative feature is reshaping our conversations and making them more effective than ever.

Revelutionizing Digital Communication

Consider the sentence 'That's a very interesting opinion' - when read with a neutral tone, it may be seen as a simple acknowledgement of someone's viewpoint. However, without the right tone, it could be misconstrued as sarcasm, that suggest disagreement or sceptical about the idea. This is where Skype's tone selection feature comes to play. Powered by AI, it carefully analyze your message, offering varied tone options that align with your true intent.

And from now on, don't worry to Skype your boss, because Skype tone feature can make your 'you are over-reacting' too sound very impressive. 

And that's the power Skype tone selection geature gets you!

The power of Tone Selection


It's so simple 😉. When you begin typing a message, whether it's to a friend, colleague, boss, or anyone else, Skype prompts you to select the tone you want to convey it in. It offers a range of options such as funny, professional, casual etc.


Let's take a common sentence, 'I'll think about it' and now we'll demonstrate how Skype Tone selection feature can adapt this sentence for different tones to different circumstances you would need. Or you can just have fun and create the most hilarious posts and replies. 


Choose your Tone now!

Skype Tone Selection feature is a transformative tool for digital communication. it empowers us to convey precise tones and intent, fostering more effective conversations. Whether professional, social, or simply seeking authenticity, Skype's Tone Selection feature would be your go-to.

Try it today and expereince the future of digital communication. Your words will never be the same again !

With ❤️,
Skype Team.