Your Chat, Reimagined: Meet Skype Messaging 2.0

16. 2. 2024 | Skype Blogs | Skype Messaging

Ready to fast-forward your chats into the future?

We are thrilled to take you on a trip around our new version of Skype messaging. Brace yourself for a complete revamp that promises to redefine your messaging experience. From a modernized Context Menu to a sleek UI redesign, file sharing innovations to a media heaven — we’ve got it all covered. Let’s dive into the details that will make your Skype conversations more engaging, efficient, and downright enjoyable.

Smoother chat experience: Sleek menu and fun emojis

Our mobile users, this one’s for you!

What’s a chat without reactions? Ever found yourself blushing as you read a message?

Sleek Menu: Introducing a sleek and modernized context menu, designed to make your messaging experience smoother than ever. With one long-press on any message, you now open a new world of interaction possibilities where you can react directly to messages. Also, navigate through a newly organized layout of actions you know and love — including copy, reply, forward, or bookmarking for easy access later!

Fun Emojis: We’ve also spiced up the emoji screen to make it super easy and fun to use. Now, with an expanded library of expressive emojis at your fingertips, you can easily discover the ideal emoji match. Simply long-press a message you wish to reply to and tap the ‘+’ sign. It’s simple, friendly, and ready to roll.

Crystal Clear Chats: Managing your conversations is now more intuitive. With one long-press on any chat in your chat list, you can quickly do everything from adding favorites to deleting chats, all from the newly organized and clear menu. It’s all about simplifying engagement and making your Skype time enjoyable.​

Captivating Visuals with Stacked Media Albums

Prepare for a gallery view makeover! 🎨✨ Say goodbye to our old vibes and hello to our new stacked media albums for 2 or more photos and/or vides shared in a chat. Unveil your swanky and elevated gallery viewing experience and in-turn enhanced user engagement.

Message Replies Redesign: React, Reply and much more with just a Tap

Gone are those days of confusion in conversations. With a simple tap, quote messages and instantly reply ensuring clearer communication in every interaction.

Clear and refined: easily identify replies with the new vertical line indicator and the subtle shadow effects. Say goodbye to confusion!

Synced colors: the replies now adapt to your selected color scheme, keeping your chats just how you want them.

So, let’s keep those lively conversations on Skype going, because we have much more cool stuff coming your way.

Refined Message Truncation! 📏✨

Say hello to cleaner, more efficient conversations on Skype with smart truncation for lengthy message replies on all Platforms! 🌟

Concise Communication: Lengthy replies are now elegantly truncated to three lines for a tidier chat space. You can click on the shortened message to navigate to the original message and uncover full story with ease.

Visual Clarity: Spot truncated messages in a snap, thanks to intuitive visual indicators.

Forwarding Transparency: When forwarding, the entire content of truncated messages is displayed, preserving the context.

Call related system messages

The whole notification system around your calling notifications is revamped for you.

With a modern UI and actionable CTAs (calls to action), your call notifications are now more than just alerts. Need to handle a call during a meeting? Simply respond with a message in a single tap within the same window. Missed a call? Returning it is as easy as tapping a button.

We have known your day-in and day-out challenges and Skype is here to simply make your life simpler.

Wait, there’s more!

Taking group conversations a step further, we’ve introduced avatars for contacts in group settings, bringing a visual touch to your conversations. Additionally, contact names are now interactive, allowing for effortless engagement with just a click!

File Sharing, Perfected

The complete file sharing option is redesigned with user-friendliness and modernity in mind. With automatic download functionality seamlessly integrated, our goal is to facilitate efficient file sharing across all platforms, encouraging a steady increase in shared files over time. ​

You can now take a sneak peek into your documents before diving in, with our newly introduced PDF Thumbnail Preview feature. Stay tuned for upcoming support extensions to include a wider range of file types!

We’re all about making your time on Skype smoother, more engaging and super fun. Stay tuned for our future features rolling out soon and get ready to level up your Skype game!

With love 💙

Skype Team