How to ace your online interview on Skype

Discover how easy it is to hold a free online interview with Skype. Start a video or audio call, screen share your portfolio and collaboratively code in real-time.

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Background blur in Skype

6 tips to ace your Skype interview

Make a great first impression, show your skills and rock your interview with great Skype features. We are consistently working on bringing you new features. 

Schedule a call

Be prepared and schedule your call ahead of time. Show your organisational skills and relax knowing that everything is taken care of by Skype.

Blur your background

No need to find that perfect spot in your apartment to have a clean background. Simply turn on background blur and stop worrying about your surroundings.

HD video calling

Up your game with HD calls for clean audio and video. Experience the world's all-class video call experience.

Record your interview

Whether you want to share the call with a recruiter, or you want to review the recording later, Skype will save your interview in the chat for up to 30 days.


Picture is worth a thousand words so don’t forget to share your screen and have easier time explaining your work.

Live code environment

Doing a programming interview? Pair your Skype call with Visual Studio Live Share, then collaboratively code and debug together in real-time.
Screen share on Skype

Test your set-up

Prepare your technology ahead of time and check all the permissions and functions you will need.
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Check your Skype privacy settings

Make sure you appear in the Skype search results so that your interviewer can find you easily. Find out more about Privacy settings.

Test your audio and video

To check that your sound and video are working properly in Skype, just go to Settings > Audio & Video. There, you can verify your camera and microphone activity.  

Expect the unexpected

No matter how prepared you are, you might experience some distractions. Stay calm, prepare for likely situations and have an unforgettable Skype interview.