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Utilise all Skype’s features for your own advantage! We know the struggle and want to help you with all we have. Check out our features and learn how to use them. Stay connected and keep up the good work! We can do this together.

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Get to the work flow by setting up your workplace first

  • 1. Set up

Find a quiet place to transform into your workstation.

  • 2. Clean up

Get rid of any distractions around you. Get that Xbox out of the way.

  • 3. Keep calm

Take breaks in between work and relax. Keep yourself healthy – mind and body.

Manage your work effortlessly with Skype

HD video conference

Create work or family video conference with up to 50 people. Share your meeting link with everyone and let them join from anywhere around the world. Even as a guest!

Schedule calls

We can remind you when your meeting is due. Schedule your work or personal calls and don't worry about the timing. We can do that for you.

Record your calls

We all zone out sometimes. Don't forget to hit that “record call” button before starting your call and come back to it later. Learn how.

Skype Translator

No matter if you have a disability or just need captions to your one-on-one call. Turn on Skype translator and ease your mind. Learn how to do it.

Screenshare your work

It is hard to get the message through when you're in an online meeting, but that should never stop you. Share your screen and let people know what you think! Find out how to screenshare on different devices.

Bookmark messages

Keep your mind organized by saving important messages in chats. You can save any number of messages and come back to them through your profile later. Find how easy it is.
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Stay safe

It's better to be safe than sorry and we should all go by this rule now. Keep your social distance, clean your hands and wear a mask when necessary.
Make sure you check your local government announcements for any updates.
We are all in this together and we hope we can provide the best service possible.

We can fight this together... on Skype!

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