Give your next Skype call a little flair  with a custom name and icon 

07/05/2021 | Skype Blogs | Messaging

Now more than ever, video calls are an intrinsic feature of our daily lives — so here at Skype, we never stop dreaming up ways to make them more fun.

Today we’re announcing the rollout of Name Your Call, a fun new feature that allows you to personalize your video calls down to the very last detail. Generic video calls are a thing of the past now that Skype users can choose from many customized titles, emoticons, and background colors.

Skype Corporate Vice President Rohit Wad says the new feature was born out of a very real need to easily differentiate one video call from the next. “My daughter and her friends share a sports coach that they often work with remotely over Skype. It was confusing for the coach and for the kids to have many different sessions with the same generic name, and I thought if the meetings could have a custom name such as: ‘Friday drill at 5pm’ or ‘Jump rope session at 3pm ’, it would be so much easier for everyone.”

Create Meet Now call and adjust your meeting title and emoticon

Ready to Name Your Call? Choose from one of Skype’s many suggestions across dozens of categories, from Brainstorm to Happy Hour to Dance Class, and a coordinating emoticon will be automatically added to the title to give your call a little flair. Or create an entirely custom call title of your own — think “Smith Family Reunion,” “Mohammad’s 40th Birthday,” or “Team Building Planning Session” — and choose any fitting emoticon to help set the vibe.

Got a full day of remote interviews for an important new position? Set custom call titles, emoticons and background colors to give candidates a feel for the company.

Mobile list of custom meeting names and emoticons

Time to set the mood for your virtual wedding? Name Your Call “Hernandez Wedding,” choose that cute little bride emoji, and match your call background to the flowers and cake. With Name Your Call, Skype sets the scene — all you have to do is show up.

Name Your Call works in conjunction with our incredibly convenient Meet Now feature, meaning your fully customized video call is just a couple of clicks away. So what are you waiting for? Try Name Your Call now — your video calls will never be the same.

Got questions about using Name Your Call? Check out our support article for more details, and stay tuned for the latest Skype features to help you stay connected to the ones who matter most.

Create your own Meet Now call with custom title and emoticon