Be In Control of Your Skype Call

08/06/2021 | Skype Blogs | Calling

Picture this: You posted a link on your social media to your monthly virtual Book Club and you’re getting ready to discuss the themes and imagery in the novel you just read.

The last thing you want?

A trolling stranger gate-crashing the discussion and causing trouble!

The good news is: when you host online meetings with Skype, you’re always in control.

Whether it’s a virtual lesson, an important work meeting, or a Friday night PJ party with your besties, you can easily prevent unwanted people from entering.

Anyone can use Skype as a “guest” by clicking on the video call link without downloading the app. However, with the “lock” feature on your Meet Now groups on Skype for web and desktop, you can lock and unlock the meeting at any time and choose when someone enters your virtual space.

Profile of a meeting where you can toggle off joining via link

The Lock Feature in Action

There are so many instances when the lock feature can really come in handy.

For example, Amira is a published author and she is hosting a virtual discussion of her recent book for a small group of fans. She wants to be able to keep the conversation limited to only 10 people initially. Then, after the discussion, she can unlock the group and let more fans join to interact with each other.

You can also choose to lock an event temporarily so that no one can stumble in when you’re talking about something sensitive.

For example, Simone is organizing a surprise virtual birthday party for her mom. She can lock the room whilst all the guests are getting ready for the surprise. Then, she can open up the room and let her mom join!

Gif showing the action of disabling joining via link in the profile of the chat

How to Use the “Lock Meeting” Feature

Locking your meeting is very simple. Just follow these steps:

If You’re On the Chat Screen

- Click on the title of the meeting or right-click on the group in the “recent chats” list.
- Toggle off “Allow joining via link.” 

If You’re On a Call

- Click on the title of the meeting on the header of the call screen, or use the “Share Link” menu at the bottom left corner of the screen.
- Toggle off “Allow joining via link.

These options are easily accessible, and you can do it during a call, without disturbing or notifying the other participants.

Zooming in on Share link feature in call where you can disable or enable joining call via link

Give it a try next time you’re on a call, so you can keep your meetings, events and world domination plans private!