Pay for your subscriptions with Google Play!

19/04/2022 | Skype Blogs | Android


Introducing a native way for you to purchase and manage subscriptions within your Skype Android app. It's even easier and faster than before.

What changed?

We have moved purchasing Skype To Phone subscriptions, Skype Numbers and Skype Credit into your phone! Whether you are on Android, you can now purchase subscriptions within the app and further manage them inside your application. Any new subscription will be manageable on your specific device!

Bought Skype Number on your Android phone? You manage it natively there.

Why is it important for you?

This change gives you easier and faster access to our services and ensures you can manage your subscription on the go within your device.

What can you purchase?

⚫️  Skype-to-Phone Subscriptions

⚫️  Skype Numbers

⚫️  Skype Credit

All catered to your needs when you're calling the whole world or one specific country with Skype to Phone Subscriptions or Skype Credit; and, when you're getting yourself a Skype Number so locals can reach you for low prices.

How to manage your subscriptions on Android?

⚫️  Open Skype app

⚫️  Click on your profile at the top

⚫️  Select Skype-to-Phone or Skype Number

⚫️  And choose which subscription to manage. We will tell you where to go from there!

Skype app subscription pop-up from where you can manage your subscription on Android device

Even if you have subscriptions bought on web, we redirect you to the correct place to manage your subscription, you don't have to worry.

So what are you waiting for? Try it out, it is as easy as ordering your food delivery. Approve the purchase and you're on!