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Help Ukraine by donating Skype Credit and we will match your donation!

11/05/2022 | Skype Blogs | Help Ukraine


Starting today you will be able to donate new or existing Skype Credits from your Skype account to a charity in Poland, Happy Kids, to help in their efforts of providing humanitarian aid to those displaced by the war. Furthermore, we will be matching the first $200,000 in donations as part of our ongoing humanitarian help.

Note: This link and in-client campaign are the only official ways to donate. Beware of anyone contacting you directly.

Where will your donation go?

Your Skype Credit Donations will be used by charities to get people to safety, buy necessities for refugees, and help coordinate volunteers and accommodation for those in need. Skype is working with the following charity (onboarding more charities) to distribute your Skype Credit Donations so they can be most useful in this moment of crisis.

Poland - Happy Kids

Skype introduced free calling to Ukraine at the start of the war as a way to help people communicate with their loved ones through these tough times. By introducing credit gifting we hope to expand that help and allow our users to be part of helping those in need.