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Tap-tap the message away

29/06/2022 | Skype Blogs | Messaging


Our strengths lie in messaging and calling your loved ones. And we strive to make it as seamless and as much fun as possible. You could have noticed we came up with call super reactions which are customizable to include our vast selection of epic emojis or your custom message reactions.

And once we have realized the user need for liking images on mobile in a simpler manner, we implemented the “double tap to like” feature. Nothing groundbreaking, but what’s call is we preserve your setting of skin color that you used before!



And if you feel like thumbs up is just not cutting it, make sure to customize your reaction picker from your phone and use it anywhere. Tap on the emoji and pencil to customize, there are so many options to choose from.

Come and try it out and if you’re curious what else we have in store for you, try our Insiders version where we have release more cool features.