Skype visual update announcement is here!

14/12/2022 | Skype Blogs | Modern Skype messaging

You know we love to share with you all the amazing visual news of Skype. This year, of course!, we are keeping up with the tradition and want to show you how we have been evolving Skype for a forever fresh, delightful and modern experience.

The bar was set high after last December’s design refresh, but we surely topped it this year, download the latest version and see the new Skype personality yourself!

Skype has a long and beloved history. Half of the planet has a memorable Skype-related moment in their lives and can tell you when was the first time they got to experience video calling. Over the years Skype built such a recognizable visual brand that people identify it right away.

With this year’s visual update, we wanted to both refresh our look, but also embrace our history with our most recognizable elements. Please, welcome new Skype illustrations with our signature clouds and our beloved classic emoticons!

And they are animated! They will wave hello at you when you arrive to the app for the first time and keep you company as you get it contact with the people who matter most. They will even take a moment to grab some seasonal items to make you feel at home.

We are especially proud of how these new illustrations work with new Skype themes and color scheme – just look how the background and new header look next to each other, all together they create such a pleasant experience. Wait, wait, themes and colors? Yes! We are also bringing more visual updates to Skype.

It is always nice to customize everything to your liking, right? Well, now you will be able to make Skype yours even more. Our new themes are for sure one of the most visible changes of 2022, with the latest release you will notice that there is even more color in our app.

Themes now include colored headers and message bubbles in chats. And we have refreshed our color palette with both bright and delicate colors, for your light and dark settings. High contrast has also been updated for enhanced accessibility.

You can select themes in Skype Settings --> Appearance --> Choose a swatch of a color you like. And yes, if you are a fan of Skype’s classic blue theme with a plain header – it is still available. Just select Classic Skype from your settings.

Try switching between different colors and choose your favorite. We love them all!

This was not only about visual refresh and making things prettier, but we also did a big chunk of work on optimization and modernization, with a strong focus on mobile. These investments will start paying off soon – we will be able to deliver new UI features a lot faster and make our beloved users happier with every release. Also, thanks to our new Design system, color and emoticons will be taking over Skype more and more in the next months.

And we would love to share the journey with you. Any feedback? Reach out trough the app!

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